On Sunday the 22nd of September 2024 I will be teaching an open session in Waltham Cross! The seminar will run for 11am to 3pm and will take place at V & E Judo Club, Goff's Ln, Goff's Oak, Waltham Cross, EN7 5QN.

IMPORTANT: Due to venue capacity the numbers will be strictly limited. Please be sure to act promptly in order to secure places.

The cost is £40 per person and please contact Terry Monksfield on 07515508766 (or alternatively terrymonksfield@yahoo.co.uk) in order to book

At this event we will be covering the methods of Morinobu Itoman! As a police officer, Itoman understood how to apply karate against violent criminals. We will cover his principles, tactics, thoughts on karate, use of the environment, improvised weaponry, karate locks, throws, strikes, etc.

This standalone session is part of three covering the methods of Gichin Funakoshi (“The Scholar”) , Choki Motobu (“The Fighter”) and Morinobu Itoman (“The Police Officer”). Together, they will give a good overview of the methodology of old-school karate.

Sunday, September 22, 2024 - 11:00 to 15:00