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Your questions answered! (podcast)

Welcome to the latest podcast! It’s been sometime since we last turned the podcast over to the listeners, so I’ve put that right this month. I asked for questions via the website, facebook and twitter and we did our best to cover as many of them as we could.

Topics covered include: realism in training, kicking in self-defence, scenario training, training with joint injuries, the evolution of kata, the physiological and psychological effects of conflict, the specifics of female self-defence, home training, using weights to increase punching power, time management for training, and loads more! It’s around one hour twenty minutes long so make yourself comfortable when you sit down to listen to it!

This podcast is a little different from the normal as I’m joined by a co-presenter; namely the lovely Becky. She’s a goju practitioner who comes from a good karate family (her granddad, dad and brother are all black belts) and, in the interests of full disclosure, she is also my girlfriend :-) Becky asked me the questions and then we chatted around the subjects in order to ensure they were thoroughly explored. I think this format works really well with this type of podcast and I’m sure you’ll find it an interesting listen. Thanks once again to everyone who submitted questions for the podcast! I’m sorry we could not get to them all.

WARNING: Becky is not from my beloved Cumbria and hails from the south of England. Her accent is therefore a little strange and I’d ask you all to bear with it ;-)

Right then, that’s enough from me. I hope you enjoy the podcast and I’ll be back with more soon!

All the best,


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