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Top Dog Combat Solutions Course Edinburgh (May 3rd)

Message from Mick Franklin

Top Dog Combat Solutions Course in Edinburgh

My name is John Nawn. I was born in the Gorbals, the home of the razor gangs, an infamous poverty stricken district in the city of Glasgow in Scotland. When it comes to fighting I learned at an early age (4 years old) the only option is to win. Nothing else matters!

I have developed the Top Dog Fighting System because over many years I have found myself making excuses for and making compromises within the systems I have studied.

Many systems these days favour form over function and prefer complication to simplicity.
In a street fight, mental and physical speed are important and complicated, and flowery movements are not conducive to speed and efficiency.

In a street fight your movements must be fluid, your strikes must be fast, sharp, hard and accurate. Your defence must be effective and your guard must be able to take a hit and keep its shape.

The Top Dog Fighting System has 2 core focuses.

The first is not being hit and this is achieved by using good footwork, working distance, learning timing, using evasion techniques, reading body language, moving in circles, semi-circles and angles and having a strong guard.

Knowing that you have the skill set that makes you a very difficult target to land a meaningful strike on, builds your confidence and the fight game is very much a confidence game. This helps you maintain and build a positive attitude during the fight. This is invaluable!

The second is counter attacking (mentally and physically).

When you are attacked you must make your opponent pay dearly for his attack and do it quickly and effectively. I will show you how to attack him physically and arguably more importantly mentally.

The fact that we will train you to move using angles means that you can evade an opponent’s attack and still be within striking distance of him. This is the key to meaningful counter-attacks.
You can then use the effective striking techniques that we teach you in the Top Dog Fighting System to punish your attacker.

If you are interested in learning an effective street fighting system which is modular in construction then attend one of our introductory seminars. I am no master or professor I just win. All are welcome to attend regardless of skill level.

Our seminars range from 2 hours, 3 hours and 6 hours and the cost of these introductory seminars is a low 10 pounds per hour. This is an investment in your personal security and wellbeing in an increasingly dangerous world.

Date: 3rd of May, 2014
Location: Edinburgh
Time: 11:00 am till 5 pm
Cost: 60 pounds
Contact: mick.franklin@hotmail.com