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Senshido course in Edinburgh

Message from Mick Franklin:

Senshido course in Edinburgh

Georges Fahmy is the director of Senshido in the greater Middle East area. He is a Christian who grew up in Lebanon during the war.

Mick O’Brien is a current Military hand-to-hand combat instructor with 20 years experience. He specialises in all aspects of open hand combat (stand up and ground). He is a Senshido International affiliate and Senshido Europe team member, with 15 years experience as a door supervisor.

This course will be limited to 15 students.


Fundamentals of Personal Protection
* Prevention strategies, Redefining belief systems, Mindset and Intuition
* Pre-contact, Contact and Post-contact phase
* De-escalation and proper communication strategies
* Understanding criminals and terrorists
* Scenarios replicating real-life situations

Day 2:

The Shredder
* Understanding The Shredder
* Effects of The Shredder on Physiology and Psychology
* Various drills
* Using The Shredder against; grapplers, weapons and multiple attackers

A talk on the realities of terrorism is included (about 2.5 hours).

Day 3:

*Defense against the knife

*Defense against the gun

Cost will be 200 pounds for 3 days training. This is an amazing and fun opportunity to train with two extremely high caliber teachers.

Time: start time each day will be 11 am, for 4-6 hours training

Dates: 28th, 29th and 30th of June

Being a small group we will get a lot of attention and personalised information. The aim of the course is to ENSURE you walk away being competent in dealing with violent real life situations.

If you would like a more detailed background on Georges Fahmy and what it was like growing up in Lebanon here is a great article: http://www.prepper-resources.com/tag/georges-fahmy/

Contact: mick.franklin@hotmail.com