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Iain Abernethy
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Rory Miller Seminar in Watford (Feb 14th)

Rory Miller Seminar – Author of Meditations on Violence and Facing Violence


This is a great chance to train with and learn from martial artist and best-selling author Sgt. Rory Miller.

He will be with us on Saturday 14th of February 11am-3pm at

Bushey Academy, High Street, Bushey, Herts, WD23 3AA

Seminar cost is £45

It is on Valentine’s day but you’ll be home in time to take that special someone out!

For details please contact Doug Connell on 07990 668786 or on Doug.connell@shogun-karate-do.com

Sgt. Rory Miller will wipe away any fantasy you have about fighting.” – Kris Wilder, Martial arts teacher, author of The Way of Kata

Miller’s insights could very well save your life one day.” – Lawrence A. Kane, martial artist, Pac -10 stadium security supervisor, author of Surviving Armed Assaults   

Meditations on Violence is hands down the best book on Self-Defence I have ever read. Bar none!” – M Gutherie, Federal Air Marshall

Not only do I recommend this book, but it will be required reading for my students.”  - Detective Sergeant Antonio B. Urena, 7th Dan, SWAT team squad leader and police sniper.