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Reverse Round Kick!

All is this kick predominately Korean or is it used by other styles from different Countries The technique mainly off the front leg moves from floor to target, in an outward direction, although the Photos show it being performed off the rear leg. I've not found any videos on You tube its not a back round kick or a hook kick its a round house kick but going say from right to left rather than left to right.




Hope that explains it a bit more thanks

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That kick is very unusual in karate and thus rarely practised. But still it is used sometimes. Here you can see Tanaka Sensei from the JKA in action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JsTx5V5ZzY I would label that kick gyaku mawashi geri not ura mawashi like it is called in the video. Ura Mawashi you can see here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yI39Z9SIss Regards Holger

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I've always known that as a twisting kick.

It's in some TKD patterns.

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I used that alot in sparring. I would use it as follows. I would be usually in a southpaw stance while my opponet was in orthodox. ( It works better if you are in an opposite stance from your opponent.)

I would use my lead right leg to kick out the inside of my opponents lead left leg. This will cause them to buckle towards their diagnal left, placing their head at chest height. No one I have done this to has been able to keep their hands up near their face when the buckle, so their jaw is wide open for a reverse punch( Rear straight, as I call it.)

If you step in at 11 O'clock and then throw the kick at 2 O'clock, it will have the best chance for success. I used to use it all the time, before I now. I'm working to much to train now.sad.

Try it out next time you're sparring and let me know how it works for you.

Keep the faith,


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The kick is called a twisting kick, and I asked about it in Kartae in another recent post and it seems it isnt a kartae technique at all.

Now the kick in the youtube video, as far as TKD is concerned is a front leg hook kick! The video and the pictures show two different techniques!!


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Hi Stuart,

when you are speaking of the twisting kick, like it is shown here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJAdljYB9go, then I think the video I posted shows the same kick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JsTx5V5ZzY

Now that I watched the whole video I have to add, that I was referring to the kick demonstrated in the first minute of that video. The only difference may be that the kick is executed with the instep instead of utilizing the ball of the foot.

Can you confirm that?

And you are right, as I said before, this type of kick is not practised in most of the karate dojos. So I would also categorize it as a TKD technique.

Regards Holger

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I learnt this technique during my time practicing Tang Soo Do. I passed this on to some Kyokushin Karate to see if it was taught by Oyama Sensei as he was Korean and some of the Kyokushin techniques have a Korean "feel" to them.

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 I was taught this as an Inverted Crescent kick in Wado but don't do it in TSD. Always off the front leg. i will use it in sparring MMA just to confuse as it can hit the inside of your opponents leg quite nicely. None of my kicks reach the head unless I'm sparring with a small child and even thats getting more difficult!

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I really like this kick. Useful for getting in to the ribs, face, groin, inner or outer thigh at awkward angles. Can be surprisingly powerful as well.

Have heard it called all kinds of things including a "pick kick" and a "reverse snap kick" but only really seen it taught systematically in taekwondo.

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This looks like Soto-mawashi-geri as practiced in Chito-ryu. However, I personally would prefer targeting groin/inner thigh/inside lead knee.

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i love the twisting kick

very sneaky in sparring and can generate alot of snap in it

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In Taekwondo, we call it a "Twisting Kick" (Bituro Chagi) and is found for the first time in Ge Baek which is one of the patterns used from 1st to 2nd Dan, thereby making it one my grading patterns. I think it's also a part of the "scissor kick" found in one of the higher patterns (Ko Dang?) in which you execute a jumping simultaneous Twisting Kick and Reverse Side Kick.

I've never seen it in Karate (or indeed any other art). In Japanese I would it a ball-of-foot reverse cresent kick (Ushiro Mawashi Koshi Geri).

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Addendum to above, here's the kick in Ge Baek (second movement):

And here's the Flying Two-Directional Kick in Juche (not Ko Dang, as I stated above), near the end:

Note that Juche also has the standard twisting kick but it's clearer in Ge Baek.