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Tigger TSD
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Py Hyung E Dan Applications

Hello I am a third Dan instructor in Tang Soo Do, I am planning to do a full break down of Py Hyung E Dan incoperating inspiration from Iain's work  and other Japanese instructors I have leanred from and make my own application video from the Korean version of the form. I would really appreciate any feedback on what I am doing as if this one is successful (makes sense and works) I would like to eventually like to do one for all the forms in my association. As Iain has done for the Japanese forms. A lot of the principles will be identical and similar to what you all already practice but there is so little Korean form applications out there I am trying to find a way to put it all together for a full self defence drill/ model. I will post the video as soon as i've done my first session on it next week. 

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I'll be interested in seeing your applications when you've prepared it all.

Do you mean pyung ahn e dan by the way? What association are you with, is it the WTSDA ?

Iain Abernethy
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Tigger TSD wrote:
I will post the video as soon as i've done my first session on it next week.

Awesome! We look forward to it. Could you post the link below when you’ve filmed it? I will then embed it.  

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Tigger TSD
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Yes that is the form, never sure of the correct Korean way of writing it in English form. Yes i'm WTSDA. 

Tigger TSD
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Here is the video. It is a bit rough and ready but I hope I explain my ideas enough. I would just like to say that without the guidence and help from yourself I would have never thought this way or been able to start this journey. I have taken many of your concepts and adapted them for this Korean form. I hope you don't mind and I am eager to hear what you think.