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This is pretty interesting (language Warning)

You would be supprise at how his thought process is similar to what you'll read here.  Watch the whole thing or you may not get what he is trying to explain.


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I do a lot of the stuff in the video at my karate club. Also  allot of the stuff he is teaching is judo, The problem though he  is teaching his students to end up on the ground even though he says do not go there. Its not a new system, it just a system he came up with that other have done,  it is exactly like my karate dojo, but the emphasis  is  to get up fast. Of course a bjjer will use his art the most to win the fight, so would a karate person, or judo, same at my club. However the stuff he teaches is really nothing new. As a joke my karate teacher calls his stuff dazdo lol

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the thing is in "reality" you don't want to "win a fight". You just want to get out of that situation as fast as possible. Dude in the video clearly wants to fight in a "reality based" manner. As was mentioned he says the ground is to be avoided, but you see him and his students go for takedowns all the time and he justifies that with the statement that this is only about understanding how things work on the floor.

So in my eyes it is hard to judge if it is another fighting system invented to make a fast dime or if it is the real deal. Doesn't look like the real deal though.

Regards Holger

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I wasn't looking at the video to listen to his sales pitch.  What I found intresting was his little tail of getting a beat down because he was on the ground and the fact that he claims to believe that going to the floor is never his first idea, it a just something that happens and you have to know how to deal with it and get back up.  He does show that he want to put people down and finish them with whatever is needed.  He also claims that he is not look to submit them. His words anyway.