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Mark B
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Practical application of Wanshu kata open session.

Hi all,

On March 16th 2013 I will be running an open session on the practical application of Wanshu kata at my dojo.

My approach to Bunkai Ohyo is to look for the quick, direct and most efficient way to end a conflict, so there won't be fiddly types of applications. It will be a series of applications based around a central theme, which when combined creates an efficient approach to ending a conflict quickly or regaining a lost initiative asap.

Most of the partner Bunkai is also drilled against pads to allow the individual to understand the impact different techniques can generate (and to highlight the ones that need more practice). It also avoids the inevitable element of ''pulling'' techniques, which is unavoidable with a partner.

The session will run from 11.00am til 2.00pm-ish(it could overrun) and will cost £10

The venue address is - Serbian Orthodox Church, Heap Street, Boothtown, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX3 6JE.

If anyone on this forum is interested they can PM , e-mail me at markbonner1@hotmail.co.uk, or phone me on 07735325196

I would prefer if any interested person(s) contacted me rather than just turning up on the day

All the best,



Iain Abernethy
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Hi All,

Just a quick note to say that this should be a good course! I’ve taught at Mark’s dojo loads of times and he has graded a couple of times with me on the panel. His stuff is very simple to apply and very direct. I really like his take on Naihanchi and I’m sure his take on Wanshu / Enpi is every bit as good. Well worth checking out.

All the best,


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Hi All,

I had the absolute pleasure of attending this seminar yesterday and was hugely impressed by Mark's depth of knowledge and his approach to bunkai along with the associated pad and partner drills.

All of the drills taught and practiced (along with the obligatory stress drills at the end smiley ) were easy to remember - and great fun.

A fantastic few hours, highly recommended for anyone looking to further their knowledge.



Mark B
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Thanks Andy for your kind words, I really appreciate it.

I enjoyed sharing my take on Wanshu with you and the group. I think everyone got the essence of how I approached the kata and the way I like to drill pad drills to inform the partner drills. The energy in the dojo was great, I will look to do another open session later this year as interest in me doing that was expressed.

I look forward to training with you again soon mate, thanks