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Iain Abernethy
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Oldmans Bubushi Crash Course (July 27th)


"I love this book! Oldmans Bubishi includes some really interesting kata applications in a very easy to follow and engaging way. The applications are deadly serious and I found the cartoon illustrations much easier to follow that the vast majority of photo sequences I've seen. Dont make the mistake of assuming that the humorous illustrations mean the informa...tion is not for the serious martial artist! This is solid stuff! Theres no denying the illustrations are very humorous though! I found myself giggling more than once at the factual expressions of both Oldman and his unfortunate uke. I guess the best description for the book would be serious information delivered in a light-hearted way. Just what good martial arts should be!" - Iain Abernethy

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Marks a really nice guy, granted i have only 'met' him online, but that was several years ago.

His art is really nice.

Mark Cook
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Thanks for the kind words Sensei Neeter. I have a lot of online friends that I would love to run into one day in real life. First I have to convince myself to fly over an ocean.  I wanted to stop by and share a video that I posted to show folks a bit of what the "CRASH COURSE" will cover. My family helped with the video. Mom was on the Flip camera. My daughter was on the IPhone and my son took the beating. 

Iain thanks for sharing the info. Folks have expressed interest from have seen the day promoted here.