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Iain Abernethy
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"Old School" British Self-Defence (Spoof)

This is an old self-defence spoof from the BBC that makes me laugh every time I see it! For those yet to see this one and to digest the wisdom of the HUWAKK approach to self-defence, I’ve embedded the video below. I do so enjoy such well constructed silliness! :-)

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Haha, very nice!

michael rosenbaum
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Hey wait a moment. I just came back from a seminar and paid good money for learning those very same things.  They work..really they do the instructor told me so, right after I gave him my check.wink

Seriously though my first experience with old school fighting came from my dad who was stationed on Okinawa during the early 50's. He trained a little in Judo while on the island then taught me. Every throw he demonstrated was followed by the advise of "and then you kick them in the nuts."  Hip throw, shoulder throw, outer reap, inside reap it was always the same. "Throw them down on the ground son, and then you kick them in the nuts."  I must say, it still works for me today.cool

Happy New Years!


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A classic. I already favorited it!

Thanks, Iain