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Native American Ground fighting

I thought this looked interesting so here you go.

If anything It looks like it would tire you out.


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break dancing from the 80's?

Dale Parker
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How was this identified as "Native American?"  My Cherokee and Apache friends just laughed at that video.

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This video is from a system called guided chaos. Here is a quote from there site.

1. Simple, brutal self-defense methods you can learn in weeks. 

2. Advanced self-defense methods that can take you to the highest levels in the shortest time.

Here it is in action .... You be judge

Dale Parker
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Um, sure, but how is it Native American?

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This is from the guy who originally posted the video  diadicic linked.

"Well since it's specific to Guided Chaos you probably wouldn't find anything just like it anywhere else. If you did a search of Native American systems (there are a few out there on video) you might find something vaguely like it but we are not aware of any. John was taught something like this by his part Cherokee father and uncles who had already mixed what they knew about fighting on the ground with tomahawks and Counting Koo with what they called "West Virginian Hill Fighting" so it was already a mish-mosh before John modified it further."