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Karate gi pants stick to my legs

Whiile training my karate pants stick to my legs , when wet through sweat, they restrict my movement and i cannot kick properly, plus they are uncormfortable 

any advise 


best wishes 

Iain Abernethy
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I have relatively thick legs and I get that problem with some gis too. The only option is to find a make of gi where the cut of the trousers give a little bit more room. The Seishin gis are very good for that. If you are looking for something a little cheaper then maybe others can advise? I used to find the Black Eagle ones a good fit too (not as comfortable as Seishin, but a good cut), but I think they are no longer being made.

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hi yeah i  have big thighs, also i cycle as well, what i found is  putting vaseline on the knees but that is short term measure For the life of me  i not know they make gi so small in the upper thigh area. 

best wishes 

Ian H
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Look for a "kumite" gi ... most of the better gi manufacturers make at least one model of gi specifically for kumite competition.  These tend to be very lightweight, have a good deal of stretch in the fabric, all or mostly polyester or other non-cotton material, and often are of a baggier cut than some other gis.  The idea is to provide as close as possible to an absolute elimination of all restriction on movement, including those crowd-pleasing jodan ura-mawashi-geris.

Obviously you want to try them on and see which ones will actually "work" for you, but this I suspect is where you will find more comfort and range of unrestricted motion.

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I've worn compression pants or compression knee wraps under my gi pants. They're much more slippery than skin and slide along the gi pants pretty well.

And, since I have bad knees and often wear the wraps under my pants anyway, it's realistic!

Chris Wissmann
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Look for pants made from moisture-wicking material. Martial-arts retailers and wholesalers might not carry them. I got mine from Performance Scrubs. (I don't work for or own the company, unfortunately.) They're not made specifically for martial arts, but work just fine. They're slightly stretchy, light, wick moisture away from your body rather than staying wet and sticking to it, and you can get them customized with deep pockets (which I need, because I have allegies and need to keep a handkerchief handy). On the down side, they don't make that cotton-canvas pop when you kick. But it's a small price to pay for comfort.

Jr cook
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A heavier weight gi might be helpful. Even when soaked through, they don't stick as much as the lighter ones.

Also, depending on the style of the pants, you could buy a larger size. Styles with a drawstring waist could still "fit" around the waist. The legs might need to be shortened though.

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Our club gi for higher grades is a blue and red pullover kickboxing top and trouser. Quite baggy and we do look like a bunch of third world country airport janitors, so if you see me at a seminar please don't laugh. However, the trousers on their own look OK and are quite loose and the lightweight but strong fabric doesn't stick to my legs, and I sweat alot. 

They look a bit like this but red stripes and without the stars https://goo.gl/images/XCaUAq

I'm guessing you can buy them without the stripes.