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Helped Autistic Girl with her Talent Show

Hello, everyone,

I am usually one to talk about the practical applications of karate, but it certainly has a lot of other components. One of our white belts at the dojo is a young lady with Autism, and she takes classes with her mother (also a white belt) to help improve her muscular coordination, her focus, and her self esteem. She loves karate, and wanted to do a karate demonstration for her church talent show, so her mom asked if I could help them with it. Mackenzie (the girl with Autism) decided everything she wanted to do in the demonstration, and had us show everyone Pinan Nidan, then the three Kihon Kata developed by Chibana Chosin, then she counted to 10 in Japanese, and finally she and her mom broke boards. Everyone had a lot of fun, and seemed to be pretty inspired. Just thought I'd share this little presentation for anyone who might be interested.

Iain Abernethy
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Love it! That’s karate right there. Love the raised fists after the board break!

Thanks for sharing.  

All the best,