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Free Psychological Strength Training for Men Session!

Free Psychological Strength Training for Men Session!

• Jordan is offering a free intro session to his Psychological Strength Training program, just for the men in this community.

• It's one two-hour session. We'll post the date once we see how many of you are interested. It's limited to ten per course.

• A chance to try out this course and see that learning emotional skills can be safe, productive, and fun

• You'll practice together, learning tools to identify and challenge the stigmas that bind men to behaviours that negatively impact their mental health.

• And by attending you'll get a discount on Jordan's next full six-week training starting in October.

• This is a great opportunity to learn a new approach to learning soft skills with other karateka.

LEARN MORE 1: https://fb.watch/fB9re59GhW/

LEARN MORE 2: https://fb.watch/fB9j-S7rgd/