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Tigger TSD
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Every Move In Nai Han Chi Cho Dan is a Throw

Here is a new video series we are starting called Bunhae Wednesdays. Every week we'll be bringing out a new form

here is the first one. We hope you enjoy it.

Mark Powell
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Very Clever Gus! As you know I practice all of those takedowns as part of Naifanchin but I'd never thought of doing them all back to back.

Tigger TSD
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It came from a conversation with luke where apparently Motobu thought of the uppercut as a takedown but in the book he was reading he didn't demonstrate how , so i worked out what i thought it might be and then Luke jokingly said. "what if everymove was a throw/takedown" my brain paused for a second and then I said yes and did them all as I think i've done nearly all of them with you at some point or another

Iain Abernethy
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Nicely filmed and explained! I’ll share that via social media tomorrow as people will love it!

All the best,