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Iain Abernethy
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Charity Martial Arts Seminar on the 29th of June

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I'd just like to give a quick review of this seminar as it was such a great day.

First of all High Wycombe Judo centre is a first class facility. Lovely sprung floor and impeccable matting.

The first session I did was some Judo groundwork with Bill Nobbs and special guest for the day Ian Rose. Ian is a paralympic Judo Silver medalist and he took us through Judo's particular brand of pain infliction on the ground. Use of the knobbly bits to create pain and pressure.

Next was Nathan Leverton's MMA groundwork. Very technical and full of detail and nuance. Nathan demonstrated on me quite a bit and his control and pressure had to be felt.

Total change of pace with some Iaido after the lunch break. Something I'd never done but a very in-depth session with Roger Payne.

Lastly was some DART self defence padwork and HAOV drills with John Titchen. Looking at flinch responses, haymakers and headlocks.

As with these multi sessions there was a whole host of other things I missed. Shotokan kicking, trapping, Aikido, Chinese wrestling and Tai Chi.

The owner of the MAP website kindly covered the cost of the hall so quite a bit was raised for the two charities. A really successful day and well worth a try next time one is organised.