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Cardiovascular Martial Arts Workout (Podcast)!

This month’s podcast is a cardiovascular martial arts workout! It’s been a while since we have done a workout podcast and I’d been receiving lots of requests for one. All you need for this one is a little space and some light dumbbells. You then play the podcast and work along with it for a 23 minute training session that involves various cardiovascular exercises, muscular endurance exercises, and various types of shadow fighting!

Before doing the workout, you should watch the video that goes with this podcast (found on the blog of if you are accessing this podcast via iTunes etc). This video has demonstrations of the key exercises and should make it clear what is required.

IMPORTANT: If you are unsure of how to perform any of the exercises safely, effectively and efficiently then do not attempt this workout without first seeking instruction from a suitably qualified and experienced person. Also be sure to work at a suitable pace and immediately stop if you feel any undue pain or discomfort.

The workout is cardiovascular and muscular endurance in nature and is time-based (i.e. each activity is engaged in for a given time). It is therefore important to work at a pace that allows you to keep moving for the duration of each section. If you find that you need to stop / take breaks because of exhaustion, then you need to reduce the pace at which you are working.

I hope you enjoy the workout and find it a useful addition to your training program. I’ll be back with a normal podcast in a few weeks!

All the best,


Cardiovascular Martial Arts Workout (Podcast)!
Iain Abernethy