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The Biggest Secret in the Martial Arts? (Podcast)

It’s officially our 30th podcast! I say “officially” because we’ve done things like double-podcasts and workout podcasts in the past. Regardless, I’m classing this as our 30th podcast … and it’s my website so no one can stop me! Thanks to you all for your support of the podcasts. The amount of downloads is fantastic (and pushing our bandwidth limits!). I’m truly delighted that so many of you are finding these podcasts useful.

This month I want to discuss what many seem to regard as the biggest secret in the martial arts! While there is no doubt that many martial artists are aware of this secret, there are very few who will publicly discuss it. Indeed, most will totally deny this highly influential secret and seem to regard it, and the influence it has, with great distain.

Want to know what the secret is? Well I can pretty much guarantee it has a big impact on how you train. It certainly does with me. The picture that goes with this podcast (assuming you are viewing this on the blog of and not on i-tunes or elsewhere) also gives you a clue.  It’s myself and Dave Hazard at the recent British Combat Association residential course. Dave’s superb session certainly involved this rarely discussed “secret” aspect of the martial arts in large quantities. Still not sure what this secret is? Then I suggest you listen to the podcast!

I hope you enjoy this podcast and I’ll be back with our 31st podcast in a few weeks!

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Iain Abernethy
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