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Bag Workout!

This month’s podcast and video lesson have been combined to provide a guided workout on the bag! I figured it was time we did something practical in addition to all the theory we have been discussing. 

What you first need to do is watch the video clip below. It will briefly explain and demonstrate all the various drills included in the workout. You then should download the podcast (right click on “download”) and burn it to a CD or put it on your MP3 player. 

If you listen to the podcast whilst working out on the bag it will guide you through the drills and tell you when to stop and start. The whole workout lasts around 20 minutes and can be put at the start or end of your training sessions. Done correctly, the workout will develop aerobic and anaerobic fitness, explosiveness, muscular endurance, technique, power and the correct combative mindset. 

The workout is structured as follows: 

Hands only (1 min – moderate pace)

Kicks only (1 min – moderate pace)

Hand & Feet (1 min – moderate pace)

1 Minute Rest

Heavy Hands Single Shots (1 Min)

Explosive Combinations (1 Min)

Continuous Straight Punches (1 Min)

1 Minute Rest

Hands & Feet with Lots of Movement (1 Min)

Close-Range Strikes (1 Min)

30 Seconds Rest

4 Straight Punches – 4 Hooks (1 Min)

1 Minute Rest

Anything you want (2 mins)

Jab-Cross-Hook-Cross Pyramid (1 Min)

1 Minute Rest

Hands only (1 min)

Kicks only (1 min)

Hand & Feet (1 min) 

If you watch the video clip, it will explain and demonstrate what each of the drills listed above involves, and the podcast itself will provide further guidance and reminders. 

The workout is structured around time, and it will depend upon your skill level and fitness as to how much you get done in that time. The workout should therefore be suitable for martial artists of all levels. That said: 

IMPORTANT: This workout can be both technically and physically demanding and should only be attempted by those in good health who have received prior instruction in the safe use of a punch bag from an experienced and qualified person. You attempt this workout entirely at your own risk! 

I hope you enjoy the workout and find it useful. Please let me know your thoughts and if this workout proves popular, I’ll produce a few more workouts for other aspects of training. You can also subscribe to the newsletters via the main site ( to be informed as soon as future workouts are ready. 

All the best, 





Bag Workout
Iain Abernethy
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