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Iain Abernethy
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Ameri-Do-Te! Hilarious martial arts spoof!

An absolutely brilliant martial arts spoof! Thanks to James Cockill for letting me know about it! Enjoy!

All the best,


Enter The Dojo, Episode 1: Enter the Dojo

Enter The Dojo, Episode 2: Destroy The Groin

Zach Zinn
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Can hardly wait to try some groin-only point sparring.

michael rosenbaum
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There are a lot of Master Kens out there. One of the reasons why I lock my car doors.

Now to clean the coffee off my keyboard.


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That was great.  smiley


Iain Abernethy
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More from Master Ken:

Neil Cook
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Favourite line "is that really necesary?- well if you don't have anything in your pockets you could drive over him"

Makes me want to watch 'Foot Fist Way' again

Black Tiger
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Managed to watch them and others available

Awesome, I gonna call myself Master Ken from no on


Iain Abernethy
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More wisdom from “Master Ken” on “The Street”. I really like these spoofs and can’t help but feel there is a movie or TV show waiting to happen!

Black Tiger
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Has Anyone watched "The Foot Fist Way"


I thought it was a really good McDojo Movie, the same but different to Ameri Do Te