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Iain Abernethy
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1924 Karate Documentary Footage

I was sent these youtube links earlier today. It’s said to be 1924 documentary footage of Gichin Funakoshi and a karate training camp. I’ve not watched it all the way through yet, but I hope it is of interest.

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PS I’ll never complain about a gi again when you see the “alternative” training clothing!



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These are really cool.  I haven't watched through all the way either, but I've added them to my favorites to return to later.

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This was really cool footage, thanks for sharing.  Interesting to see just how much has been maintained in the general techniques of kata depending on the style we have chosen.  Watched all three, and indeed I'm glad we have gi's

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Cool footage.  Very nostalgiac i'm sure to the older sensei's out there.  Not sure if training with thong speedo's in a dojo now would be received....perhaps the ladies would love it! Hahaha.....as an earlier post mentioned, for sure, the kata movements have definitely been preserved in our current days...they look the same! 

Good stuff!


Andrew Carr-Locke
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Thanks for that. These old vids are fun to watch. I've posted my thoughts after the gracie old school vid, but that post applies to these as well. wonderful!