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A couple of fighting takedowns (video)

As promised here is another video taken at the class a few days ago. In this one I show a couple of related takedowns. I would class these takedowns as “fighting techniques” as opposed to self-defence methods because they deliberately take you and your partner to the ground and hence leave you in a very vulnerable position if anyone else should choose to get involved. That said, such methods are great fun to practise and important as part of an overall martial education I feel.

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Basic "knife hand block" application drills (video)

Please find below video of some basic shuto-uke drills! As some of you know I recently invested in a pocket video camera. The idea is to keep it in the kit bag and use it to film class, seminar and training footage that I think you may find interesting. The aim is to bring you one such clip a week so that they build up into a useful resource.

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