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One Killer Punch

Those based in the UK should watch this Channel Four documentary: “One Killer Punch” (available online for a couple of weeks).  If you are not able to view the documentary, then you should read the Guardian newspaper’s review.

“This documentary explores the phenomenon of a one punch kill, by examining three different assaults: single hits with dire consequences, often in innocuous locations and circumstances”

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Practical Karate for JKD - Physical Self Defence Tactics Seminar

In August I was invited by Sifu Jay Cooper, the Canadian Director of the Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association, to run two seminars for Esteem Martial Arts & HAVOC JKD in Calgary. The theme of the first seminar was to show practical karate applications in a self defence context, focusing on training pre-emptive strikes and responding to haymakers, windmilling punches, and cascading attacks such as haymaker punches to tackles and leg lifts/takedowns or haymaker punches to clinches.

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Judo Olympic medalist "beaten up" in Rio

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A mini-strobe light...

Just saw this ad :

On a local news website. Selling "tactical spotlights/torches" for use as a self protection tool in "this day of international terrorism"....

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Weapon Draw Defensive Concept

Hello, everyone!

Apologies for the late upload, but here is this week's Waza Wednesday, taking a look at dealing with an opponent who reaches for a weapon during an aggressive confrontation.

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Triangle Choke Defense from Silat by Stephan Kesting

I’m going to let the cat out of the bag here! He’s talking about stabbing your way out.

A great video that makes the point – that is so often echoed here – that context is king!

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Essential grounds skill

Context: self-defense, not sport or play. Karate practitioner who wants to get up to strike or get away.

What are the essential grounds skills a karateka should have?

Thus far, I have identified: sprawl, breakfall, sweep while mounted, sweep while attacker is in guard, choke while attacker in guard, break and stand up from guard, get up while not exposing yourself, and restricted movement striking.

Got more? Take issue with anything listed?

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What if your attacker is a woman?

What if your attacker is a woman. Increasly some women want to take on men thinking they are equal to the man in strength  etc. Also some think they can hit harder than men and have a good chance, others think a man will not defend himself if the attacker is a woman or rely on the white knights to defender her if the man defends himself. 

Ok what then how can a man who being attacked by a woman  for no reason, than a man attacking a man, how would he deal with her and the white knights?

best wishes 

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Canadian Court of Appeal Self-Defence Ruling

Within the last few weeks there has been a Canadian Court of Appeal decision that seeks to clarify the law around how the courts handle self-defence cases. Essentially, the need to view these cases from the perspective of the person defending themselves has been emphasised:

“The court must be alive to the fact that people in stressful and dangerous situations do not have time for subtle reflection.” - Justice Peter Lauwers

I though this may be on interest to our Canadian members and readers:

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24 Hours in Police Custody: One Punch (Channel 4)

Last Thursday (12th of May), the Channel 4 programme “24 Hours in Police Custody” covered the tragic case of a gentleman who was killed by a single punch outside a night club. The coverage of how the police investigated the event has relevance to many of the topics discussed here. In particular, pre-emptive striking and what is self-defence and what is not.

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