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Not today!

A powerful story about just how useful good self-defence training can be! Jordan Giarratano of Fighting Chance in Seattle (the instructor who ran the course, and a member of this forum) is a thoughtful and skilled teacher who cares greatly about his students. He’s a regular at the seminars in the USA and I always enjoy talking with him about all things martial … and our shared taste in music :-). The right training can be very empowering and this is a great illustration of that! Good job Kelly and Jordan!

All the best,


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Recent UK judge perspective on firearms in self defence

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Striking to escape multiple enemies

I thought folks here may be interested in this footage. It’s a 2 vs 2 MMA fight from Russia. While I’m not convinced of this format as an engaging spectator sport, this footage does illustrate an interesting point.

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Bladed weapon thought

Something that I have to admit:

I alway have a knife on me.  With in the legal limit in my state.  I almost always forget it's there. If I ever got into a physical conflict with anyone, they could find the knife on me and kill me with it.  This was the self protection thought of the morning for me. 

Just thought I would share.


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Thoughts on Headbutting

This quote is from Morinobu Itoman’s 1934 book “The Study of Karate Techniques” (as translated by Mario McKenna):

“The forehead is used to strike when the opponent is close to you, or when he has grabbed your arm or sleeve. It can be used to strike the opponent’s face, including the nose, mouth and ears, or the neck or chest. Of course it is preferable to use your hands and feet for attacking and defending. However, if you are unable to use them, the head can be used with powerful results.”

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One Killer Punch

Those based in the UK should watch this Channel Four documentary: “One Killer Punch” (available online for a couple of weeks).  If you are not able to view the documentary, then you should read the Guardian newspaper’s review.

“This documentary explores the phenomenon of a one punch kill, by examining three different assaults: single hits with dire consequences, often in innocuous locations and circumstances”

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Practical Karate for JKD - Physical Self Defence Tactics Seminar

In August I was invited by Sifu Jay Cooper, the Canadian Director of the Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association, to run two seminars for Esteem Martial Arts & HAVOC JKD in Calgary. The theme of the first seminar was to show practical karate applications in a self defence context, focusing on training pre-emptive strikes and responding to haymakers, windmilling punches, and cascading attacks such as haymaker punches to tackles and leg lifts/takedowns or haymaker punches to clinches.

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Judo Olympic medalist "beaten up" in Rio

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A mini-strobe light...

Just saw this ad :

On a local news website. Selling "tactical spotlights/torches" for use as a self protection tool in "this day of international terrorism"....

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Weapon Draw Defensive Concept

Hello, everyone!

Apologies for the late upload, but here is this week's Waza Wednesday, taking a look at dealing with an opponent who reaches for a weapon during an aggressive confrontation.

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