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New Website Live!

Hi All,

As you can see, the new website is live!

To get the best out of the site, you should join up as that will enable you to post on the forum and message each other individually and in groups!

NOTE: Your existing user name and password for the old forum will not work and you need to set up a new account. Helen and I will be sure to approve all new accounts as quickly as we can, but please be patient as we will have thousands of them to do over the next few days! If you applied for membership while the site was being built, and you have not had an email confirming activation, you will need to reapply.

The site has much better media functions and we will be uploading some exclusive bunkai and pad-work drills early next week (the first of many!). A new podcast will also be up there very soon.

In the meantime, please explore the new site! Please email your thoughts to

All the best,


Extra Information

Domain Name: As some of you found, the new site was being built at When we tried to move it across to the main .com address, we found the existing servers were not powerful enough to deal with the new site! The easy solution was to let the site run at and forward the traffic from The more observant among you will notice that :-) The shopping side of the site remains as a sub-domain at to help balance out the large amount of data downloaded from each side.

Old Forum: The old forum will be back! In seven years we built up a huge about of data and it will take a while to upload all that to the new servers. It will be back though and links will be added from the site as soon as it is back live. The new forum is functioning now and it is the intention to fully archive the old one in due course. However, no data will be lost and the old one will still be there for search purposes. So please watch this space for the return of the old forum.

The Blog: Most of the information has been transferred to the new site and nothing new will be added to the blog. All new videos and podcasts will be added to the new site in order to take advantage of the better media functions (we can bring you better quality, longer videos and we have no size limits on the podcasts). The old blog will remain online though and can still be accessed.

Jissen Magazine and Free E-Books: These will be re-added to the website very soon. In the meantime all back issues of Jissen can be found here:

Coming Soon: The new website will enable us to bring you loads of exciting new material and we’ll be starting with that next week! Watch the newsletter and twitter feed ( as soon as these things have been added.