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Instructor Award for Sandy Roney

Congratulations to Alexander (Sandy) Roney who recently passed his Introductory Instructor Award! Sandy and I have trained together for years and to achieve this award he has demonstrated a solid understanding of practical karate and kata bunkai principles.

ABOUT: Sandy Roney (Canada) started training in England in 1993. After attaining the rank of Nidan he started his own club in Scotland. In 2004 he emigrated to Canada and continued his training at the Shikomu Karate Club. After attaining the rank of Godan Sandy became Chief Instructor. Sandy firmly believes in the practical application of kata and, under the auspices of Traditional Karate Arts Canada, hosts monthly practical bunkai training sessions with like-minded karate-ka from different clubs and styles. This leads to the sharing of ideas and shows that there is a lot more similarity between styles than differences.