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Crossing the Pond: Nicholas Yang Video!

Hi All,

A few weeks ago I added some videos to this website about the Crossing the Pod seminars in the UK and the USA in August! Well, I now have a new video from Nicholas Yang! The first weekend of seminars will take place in Seattle in the USA (14th and 15th of August) and the second weekend will take place a week later in Coventry in the UK (21st and 22nd of August).

Kris Wilder, Marc “Animal” MacYoung, Alan Peasland, Nicholas Yang and I will be the instructors with all five of us teaching both days! The main website for these events is and you can book your place online (click HERE for USA bookings / click HERE for UK bookings).

As I have said before, these events present an amazing mix of the “traditional” and the “reality based” (not that I see a difference between the two terms) and I’m sure serious martial artists in Europe and USA will be very keen to be part of this history making event! So far the UK one has bookings from as far a field as Norway and Spain! This is going to be a very exciting international event. Any how, that’s enough from me, please checkout Nicholas's new video below!

All the best,