World-renowned martial arts instructor Iain Abernethy is coming to Southern California for the first time. Sensei Abernethy is one of the world’s preeminent instructors of applied karate and practical kata application (bunkai/bunghai) and his seminars are in high demand internationally. 

This is not prearranged one-step sparring or elaborate responses dependent upon a specific attack.  Instead, the bunkai he teaches are simple, direct, practical and effective applications and concepts taken directly from the kata.

Sensei Abernethy has been involved in the martial arts since childhood and currently holds a 6th Dan with the British Combat Association (awarded by Peter Consterdine 9th Dan and Geoff Thompson 8th Dan), the English Karate Federation, and the British Karate Association. He is also a member of the Combat Hall of Fame and his series of martial arts DVDs, books, articles, podcasts, podcasts, and You-Tube videos have transformed martial arts.

The seminar will cover practical karate/kata, bunkai, concepts and drills.


Friday, Dec 1 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m: What Makes Good Bunkai

Saturday, Dec 2 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m: Pinan / Heian / Pyung Ahn Bunkai and Drills

Sunday, Dec 3 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m: Jion Bunkai / Focus Mitt Drills (please bring focus mitts with you)

Pre-Registration: $150 (all 3 sessions) $50 Friday only

After Nov 1, 2107: $200 (all 3 sessions) $75 Friday only

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For more info on the San Diego seminar contact Randy Erickson at 619-248-6709 or rerickson@ericksonlaw.com

Friday – “What makes good bunkai?” – The historical and technical keys that allow us to understand the methodology recorded in the forms and apply it in the modern world.

Saturday – The “Secrets” of the “Safe from Harm” forms (Pinan, Heian, Pyong Ahn) – The applications and drills of this vitally important series. Created by Master Itosu in the late 1800s, these forms were intended to be a complete physical self-protection system and a logical summation of the methodology of the forms that preceded them. As such, these forms are great for self-defense and providing an overview of how we should approach forms generally.

Sunday – Jion and Impact Work – We will begin by looking at the methods of Jion. This old and important form has much more to it than first meets the eye! We will examine both the “old school” methods it encapsulates and the way in which they can be applied in the modern world. Continuing the theme of “old meets new”, we will end the weekend by showing how traditional strikes, locks, traps and throws can be drilled using modern focus mitts. These are fun drills which provide a practical and enjoyable way to drill a wide range of methods in an integrated way. Iain’s focus mitt drills are a huge part of his dojo teaching and this will be the first time he has taught some of them in the USA (please bring focus mitts with you)!

“To search for the old is to understand the new. The old, the new. This is just a matter of time.” – Gichin Funakoshi



NEW LOCATION! San Diego City College Fitness Center, 1313 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101.

On the West Side of the Street Directly Across from San Diego Union High School. Next to the Harry West Gymnasium


From I-5 South

Take I-5 S to Park Blvd.

Take exit 1B Continue on Park Blvd to your destination

From CA-163 S

Take CA-163 South to Exit 1B for I-5 S/Park Blvd

Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Park Blvd

Turn right on Park Blvd to your destination

From I-8 West

Take I-8 W to CA-163 S

Take CA-163 South to Exit 1B for I-5 S/Park Blvd

Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Park Blvd

Turn right on Park Blvd to your destination

$10 Uber from the San Diego Airport

Park north of the Fitness Center.  There is no fee for parking.

 San Diego City College Fitness Center (Google Maps):  https://goo.gl/maps/3D1su3ZoTvq 

San Diego City College Campus Map: https://www.sdcity.edu/CampusLife/FitnessCenter.aspx  

Local Hotels:

Although there are several hotels in downtown San Diego, they tend to be more expensive.  The best choices ranging $75-$120/night would be in the Mission Valley/Hotel Circle area along Interstate 8 and CA-163, including Howard Johnson, Super 8 Hotel Circle, Best Western Seven Seas, Handlery, Town and County San Diego, Hilton Mission Valley and Sheraton Mission Valley. All are about 15 minutes from San Diego City College.

If you already booked in La Mesa/El Cajon, keep your reservation.  It too is about 15-20 minutes from San Diego City College.

(The good news about San Diego is that just about everything you’ll want is 15-20 minutes away.  The bad news about San Diego is that just about everything you want is 15-20 minutes away.)

About San Diego: Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, San Diego is widely known as “America's Finest City.” Famous for its miles and miles of white-sand beaches and amazing weather, the city offers an abundance of fun attractions for visitors of all ages. Top attractions include the World Famous San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, Sea World, Seaport Villages, Old Town and much more. https://www.sandiego.com/articles/2011-07-18/about-san-diego

Friday, December 1, 2017 - 18:00 to Sunday, December 3, 2017 - 13:00