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Ricardo S Garcia
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Won Hyo Hyung/Kata

Hello everyone!

I have made a video summarizing the applications for Won Hyo. This form is basically the Tae Kwon do equivalent of Pinan Shodan/Heian Nidan.

Check it out :) 

Iain Abernethy
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Hi Ricardo,

I really like this! I love the flow and the overall combative context. Thanks for sharing this. Not being from a Korean background, it is fascinating to me to see how bunkai principles are enacted in those versions of the forms. Thanks for posting here!

All the best,


Ricardo S Garcia
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Funny enough this pattern was the first one I was able to "read" because of you video I found on Pinan Shodan. I watched your video and immidatly went to use those principles with the pattern and it worked brilliantly. Thanks for sharing your knowledge it's a valuable asset to everyone!

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Great work! Well demonstrated and explained.

As you said in the video, this is also very helpful for the karate version(s) of the form.

Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Take care


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Won Hyo is a very common start point for looking at bunkai in ITF TKD because it's so CLEARLY repurposed Pinan shodan/Heian nidan and so many people, Iain included of course, have done work on that kata. It's also the first pattern to get people to look at when they doubt TKD patterns come from earlier karate kata because the visual link is so clear (another good one is Po Eun and the various Tekki/Naihanchi kata).

Ricardo S Garcia
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I couldn't agree more! I really enjoy breaking down the applications in Po-Eun. I remember seeing the Tekki forms a few years ago and it solidified that the ITF forms were very much karate influenced.