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Les Bubka
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Will Cobra Kai Help Karate?

Hi all

Long time I haven't posted here, so it's time to share something.

I'm not fan of Cobra Kai but possibly see benefits of it to Karate popularity,

What you do you think?



Zach Zinn
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I like the show. I think Karate generally is having a very mild "moment" right due to a few  notable MMA fighters being in the limelight, more than any other factor.

Of course, Karate in MMA is not remotely new, but there is a kind of cycle in popularity with MMA "ingredients" other than wrestling,boxing, BJJ and Muay Thai. I personally doubt it will lead to much more sustained interest in Karate, because of the percentage of (mostly young people) who are intersted in martial arts based on MMA marketing or Cobra Kai who will stick around for any length of time is really small.

Marketing via MMA is today's version of fly by night Kenpo or TKD marketing of the past, and while the show of course exists in a world where MMA is not primary, the context of your average prospective student these days is MMA.