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What makes a technique a karate technique? (podcast)

In this podcast I wish to discuss what constitutes a “karate technique”. Or in other words, what makes a technique a part of karate? Can techniques be added to practise and legitimately be considered to be part of karate? And what of “forgotten” techniques that were once part of practise? Are they no longer karate techniques? How do we define a “karate technique” anyway?

While it may seem this is one of those pedantic discussions that are so prevalent in the martial arts, I would suggest it’s an important question that has a huge impact on how karate is practised today and the future course it will take.

Our discussion of this topic will also allow us to look at the relationships that exist between the various martial arts, and for us to tackle that long existing martial myth of the unique origin of technique.

In the podcast we look at techniques which were not practised within karate but now are commonplace; techniques which were commonplace within karate which are now generally not practised; and what all these “karate techniques” have in common.

Thanks for joining me to discuss these issues and for your support of these podcasts!

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What makes a technique a karate technique?
Iain Abernethy