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what drills cross training

I guess that alot of poeple here cross train, where as techniques can be quite style specific the training drills to train attributes can be very open. for the arts that you have studied what drills would you take?

for example for me

TKD, streching and conditioning drills

Krav maga, mindset drills

Baguazhang, sensitivity drills and qi gong,

Aikido, footwork and movement drills

i realise that very often the drills are linked more to a teacher than a style but these certainly are the ones i have found to be most effective

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Good Question,

Although I find that a good system will encompass everything you require WITHOUT the need to cross train. Its just finding that Art/Instructor that does.

When you take some of the Japanese Arts they tend to encompass quite a lot and I would say finding a good Instructor he could give you most of what you see there.

Being Bias, Take Asihihara Karate or Enshin Karate or even Daito Juku or Hapkido, everything you have stated above would be covered in the ONE art and removes the jack of all master of none senario.

If you're training in 4-5 different arts WHERE/WHEN do you get the time to practice what you've just learned/been taught?