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A Warriors View of Fate - The Case for Kata (podcast)

In this month’s podcast we cover two topics! The first thing we cover is “The Case for Kata”. The question is often asked if kata itself plays a meaningful role in practise. If kata is nothing more than a repository for bunkai, then why not just practise the applications and do away with kata? Does keeping the solo forms, and devoting time to their practise, serve any meaningful purpose? Naturally, I think the solo form does have an important role to play; and in the first section I explain why.

The second section of this podcast looks at “A Warrior’s View of Fate”. I begin by discussing my take on the character development / life-enhancing side of the martial arts before moving on to the topic of “fate”. The warriors of the past had well developed views on fate in order to ensure bravery in battle and to help deal with the precariousness of their existence. It is also my view that time in the dojo can teach us about the workings of fate, and that we can use that knowledge to help shape our future outside of the dojo. To explain how I see fate, I look at some for the ancient mythologies of Europe and see what they had to say on the subject. We also touch on history, psychology, and the “do ethos” in the martial arts as envisaged by it’s greatest proponent; Jigoro Kano (the founder of Judo).

So this month we have a mix of the “jutsu” and the “do” and I hope you find it an interesting listen! Many thanks for your support of these podcasts! Please keep spreading the word to your friends and training partners and I’ll be back with more soon!

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Fate - Kata
Iain Abernethy