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Leigh Simms
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Video: Training Bunkai Principles with Impact without Partner

Hi Guys,

As some dojos close here in the UK over the bank holiday, I thought it is a good time to share some ideas for drilling bunkai principles with impact when you do not have partner to train with.

The below video shows 4 drills that look at principles I find in Heian Nidan, although I am sure many other kata have similar principles. I believe the principles are more important than the specific examples the kata show us, therefore supplementing your core training with solo training as shown in the video is a great way to develop combative skills and to practice impact work without a training partner there.

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Thanks for sharing Leigh.

They are very similar to the warm up I generally do on the heavy bag before the dojo session starts... Without the Gi though, as I am wearing it...and me in just a jock strap is not anything anybody wants to see when entering the dojo!

Iain Abernethy
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Very good Leigh. It’s always good to see “karate specific” techniques and training methods for the heavy bag etc. Thanks for sharing!