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A Useful Mnemonic for Self Protection

I'm shamelessly using someone else's work here, but I'll plug the creator so I think that makes it OK.


I don't think I've ever met Rakesh Patel (although I attend a lot of seminars so it's possible) but I know some on here have trained under him. I do like his work. He posted this on twitter this morning. It's a simple mnemonic (not "pneumonic," Rakesh, wink as Wikipedia tells me that's a plague) for response in self protection

As a first aider, I'm used to the "ABC" method being hammered home. Here we have it again in "Awareness, Breath, Create space" and then "RED" for "Respond, Escape, Debrief."

Of course there are other approaches and other mnemonics but I particularly like this one and may well steal it for my classes.

Black Tiger
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Yes, I like this ethos

Will read more into it thanks

Rakesh Patel
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Thanks for sharing the mnemonic Peter! Glad you like it smiley