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UK Functional Edge Seminars with Coach Tony Torres - October 2012

In addition to the specialist BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Instructor Certification, Dynamis and Functional Edge System are presenting a series of open seminars in October (in Edinburgh and in Sussex) which will be of interest to progressive-minded instructors of traditional arts, modern street-systems and professional trainers alike.

For some idea of how the Functional Edge System is used for Self-Protection, please visit this YouTube link.

To see this information on our homepage, please visit Dynamis Gym in Edinburgh


October 27th

Edinburgh University 12noon - 4.30pm

Functional Edge System Fundamentals and Scenario-Specific Applications

October 28th

Edinburgh University 12noon - 4.30pm

Functional Edge System Ground Fighting and Skills for Non-Vertical Engagements

cost:       £50 for 2 Sessions / £35 for 1 Session

contact:  Gerard O'Dea [email]


October 31st

University of Sussex 7pm-10pm

Functional Edge System Fundamentals

Scenario-Specific Applications for Multiple Opponents

contact:  Zoltan Dienes [email]

cost:    £20 for 1 Session

Coach Tony Torres' Bio: Tony Torres was a defensive tactics instructor during his 9 years of service in the Search and Rescue and Nuclear Weapons Security fields in the US Navy. He was an officer safety and tactics instructor during his 13 year career as a decorated Master Police Officer in the City of Virginia Beach. Mr. Torres also worked for Blackwater USA first as an instructor for Force on Force CQB Training then as a Team Leader in Iraq providing dignitary protection for US Department of Of State personnel including Ambassador Bremmer. He is the former Chief Instructor for Tony Blauer's combatives programmes and is a Master Instructor for the NFPS/Dynamis BTEC-certified Advanced Self Defence Instructor Course. He now runs Functional Edge MMA, a full-time facility whose mission is to improve the students' quality of life through self growth in the exploration of the modern martial arts and combat sports and to enhance the students ability to efficiently deal with the danger, fear, confrontations, and violence they may encounter in life. Coach Torres writes an occasional Blog about his methodology and thoughts on training:


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Just two weeks until this seminar folks!   We have over 15 new instructor candidates coming to the certification from all over the UK and Europe, plus the returning instructors who are going through an advanced certification in Functional Edge ground-fighting.

On Saturday and Sunday the workshops are open to all - 12.30-4.30



Gerard O'Dea

Principal Trainer, Dynamis