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The Training Matrix ... Again!

We need a higher standard of debate in the martial arts. We really do. Over the last few weeks I’ve seen numerous examples of poor quality, ego-fuelled “debates” where logic and objectivity (and good manners and integrity) are thrown to one side. To my mind, if people understand “The Martial Map” and “The Training Matrix” then they can see just how irrelevant 99% of martial internet debates are. In this video I want to return to “The Training Matrix” specifically, as that seems most relevant to the examples that prompted me to make this video.

The Training Matrix is such a simple concept. It affects every single system, and all forms of training, and is based on three simple premises:

1 – Only real is real.

2 – All drills and forms for training have necessary flaws.

3 – The flaws of one drill should be counteracted by the strengths of other drills.

The Training Matrix therefore comes together to produce training that is both effective and safe.

In this video I try to convey the concept as simply as possible for those still not getting it. I also point out (again) that isolating a method from the matrix and then critiquing it in isolation is entirely vacuous (using cutlery as an analogy!). There are two key reasons people do this:

A – They don’t understand the wider matrix of which the method is part.

There are worthwhile discussions to be has there.

B – They are knowingly creating a “strawman” to fuel their own aggrandisement, to falsely “refute” another’s position, or simply for the “thrill” of an argument.

Thinking people can see that for what it is and no good can come from it. This won’t stop, but we can marginalise it by calling it for what it is.

Worthwhile debate is good and healthy. It will serve the martial arts greatly. Sadly, that’s not what we are getting. What we get are getting is people knowingly presenting flawed arguments just so they have something to say. As Plato said, “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” Martial arts need a higher standard of debate.

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The Training Matrix … Again!