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Iain Abernethy
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Tommy Cooper Karate Interview (Hilarious!)

Hi All,

Anyone in need of a good laugh will love this! A classic piece of karate based comedy from Tommy Cooper! It’s a long time since I last saw this and I was crying with laughter at seeing it again. Fantastic stuff! Thanks to Doug Wiltshire for the find.

All the best,


Jon Sloan
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Q: "What would you do if a man came towards you with a gun in his hand?"

A: "About 50 miles an hour."


Lee Taylor
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Sneak up on me loudly.......


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thats my inspiration for my shodan later this year a black belt one can look up to and admire.

Tommy Cooper was the master of comedy

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Fantastic, love it!!

Iain Abernethy
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lcpljones_dontpanic wrote:
Tommy Cooper was the master of comedy

Definitely. I recall seeing his death live on stage while watching TV at my grandparent’s house. Sad when someone so admired dies, but inspirational in it’s own way that he died doing what he loved.

All the best,


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Never seen that bit before. It was absolutely hilarious. Thanks Iain

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Humbling routine cool

Cheers Iain

Stuart D
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Sadly I remember that sketch being on TV - boss is wondering why I have spent the past few minutes giggling to my self.