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Jason Lester
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Terry o Neill / Bob Poynton chair demo

Hi everyone.

Ive just found this great chair demo on youtube by two of shotokans legends, enjoy.

Kind regards,


Black Tiger
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Awesome, No that is Ole Skool

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That's pretty cool.

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That is absolute class, I love the lack of reverance for what is a rather trite demo prop.

Fantastic comic timing and excellent subtle nuance of tension between Bob and Terry.. smiley

Paul Anderson
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I don't see the point in the use of the chairs?

Is there somewhere in Liverpool where the vast majority of voilence occurs with two people sitting on chairs opposite to each other?

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It was entertaining. That was the point.

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The Mae Geri at 1:02 was indeed flawless....Great Demo!!

Jon Sloan
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That is some excellent technique on display there. Look how sharp, fast precise and skilled those two were. Definite legends.