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Tae Gi Hyul - obscure Moo Duk Kwan hyung

Hello all, I am trying to do some research on the origin/lineage of a series of hyung called Tae Gi Hyul. There are two forms that go by the name (Il and Ee) and they are practiced by very few remaining Korean martial artists. The two forms were passed down by my grandmaster, the late GM Richard Chun. 

Based on the research I've done so far it seems as though the Tae Gi Hyul forms are practiced exclusively by those who come from a Ki Whang Kim lineage, including Chuck Norris and Pat Johnson.  

All of the other Moo Duk Kwan hyungs passed down by Richard Chun are easily recognizable as Japanese/Okinawan kata except for Tae Gi Hyul. What is interesting is that Ki Whang Kim comes from a Shudokan karate background and was ranked 4th dan under Toyama Kanken, the founder of the Shudokan. GM Kim also achieved black belt ranks in both aikido and judo. And he studied Chinese chaun fa for approximately 2 years while he was stationed in China.  Based on GM Kim's Shudokan lineage I had assumed that the Tae Gi Hyul forms may have Okinawan roots, but I do not seem to be able to find any forms practiced by modern day Shudokan karateka that resemble them. I reached out to some people already regarding the forms but have so far received little help solving the riddle. From what I have seen, Tae Gi Hyul may be translated as "Big Earth Hole" or "Blood of the Earth" although I am not sure about the accuracy of those translations.   

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody on this forum might be able to offer some clarity as to the origins of these forms. Like I said, I was able to trace them back to GM Kim, but no further, and unfortunately GM Chun is no longer around to ask. Any help is appreciated.