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Iain Abernethy
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Summer Karate Camp 30th May to 1st June

Message from Robert Davis:

Summer Karate Camp 30th May to 1st June, in support of “Christopher’s Smile” Children’s Cancer charity (http://www.christopherssmile.org.uk/)

Venue, Maple Cross School, Herts, WD3 9SS (just off J17, M25).

This is the first of what will hopefully be an annual charity event and is an opportunity for Karate-ka to experience what is a true (to borrow a phrase) mixed martial art weekend.

By combining our weekend camp with the I.S.K.K. (International Seito Karate Kenkyukai) workshop we are able to offer the chance to try many things outside of the general run of day to day Karate training. We will be running a variety of sessions in 14 hours of training over the 3 day period covering a number of topics including:

Seito Karate, principles and application

Early version Okinawan kata

Iai/Kenjutsu (use of the sword)

Brazilian JiuJitsu (Groundwork Gracie style)

Practical application of (Shotokan) Kihon

Wrist/Arm locks found in (Shotokan) kata and lock flow drills

Instructors currently confirmed are:

Malcolm Bates, 6th Dan Seito Karate

Jim Dart, 5th Dan Wado Ryu, JuJitsu and Judo

Dave Hart, 5th Dan Iaido

Paul Hertbert, 5th Dan

Brian Bates, 4th Dan BKI (Shotokan)

Bob Davis, 3rd Dan KASKA (Shotokan)

Ben Tippen, Certified Gracie JJ Instructor

All meals will be provided from Friday supper through to Sunday lunch.*

Camping space will be available in the school field, although those without the equipment may sleep on the mats in the dojo if they wish.

Course is open to all Karate-ka over the age of 18**. Numbers are however limited to ensure a good level of personal attention during training.

Cost of the full weekend will be £80, (a deposit of £20 will be required to secure your place). Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis).

We are trying to offer a good value, information rich and entertaining weekend for all karate-ka regardless of group or affiliation. Training will start with a 2 hour session on Friday evening for those who can make it, followed by a full day on the Saturday and then Sunday morning aiming to finish with a light lunch before end of camp.

(Please note, we have the possibility of extending the camp into an extra session after lunch should anyone attending wish to run a session for us on the topic of their choice, this can run anywhere from 30min up to 2 hours, please let me know if you’d like to do this).

*Note, all food offered over the weekend will be vegetarian friendly (although not vegan).**18 or over is a requirement of the school so I cannot be flexible on this. Please make sure your personal insurance is current at the time of the event.

Bob Davis
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If anybody wants to book a place or just ask a question you can contact me via "croxleykarate@virginmedia.com".

Many thanks

Bob D.

Bob Davis
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Finally got the flyer done smiley (still time to book your place BTW)

Bob Davis
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Could those already signed up let me know as soon as possible if they have any particular aversion to hot or spicy food (time for menu planning :-) )  

Bob Davis
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I've been asked by a number of people about day tickets as not everybody can put aside a full weekend. We have a few spaces left (although for the Saturday it is now very few). Cost for just the Saturday is £40 (or £45 if you want to join us for the Curry supper, book this in advance), this includes 8 hours training, breakfast, morning break and lunch. Cost for just the Sunday is £25, this includes 4 hours training, breakfast and lunch.

To book in either PM through this site or e-mail croxleykarate@virginmedia.com

Should anybody want to just do the Friday night cost is £10 (pay on the day BUT book if you want food  )

I've posted a (basic) timetable below so you can see what's on offer each day. ****************************************************************************************************************

Summer 2014 Charity Karate Camp Itinerary


Arrival on site from 15:30 onwards

Registration. Set up time. Teas, Coffees & snacks available

19:00-21:00 Training. Brian Bates, Arm lock flow drills, Heian 1-5 opening applications

21:00 Supper


08:00-09:00 Breakfast

09:30-11:30 Training. Dave Hart, Iai/Kenjutsu

11:30-12:00 Break. Hot and cold drinks and light snacks

12:00-16:00 Training. ISKK Workshop. Malcolm Bates, James Dart, Seito Karate drills, principles and application. Throws from Kata.

16:00-17:00 Lunch, Hot and cold food, drinks etc..

17:30-19:30 Training. Paul Herbert, (subject TBA)

20:00 Curry supper and social


08:00-09:30 Breakfast

10:00-12:00 Training. Ben Tippen, Gracie JJ, groundwork and grappling

12:00-13:00 Lunch, Hot and cold food, drinks etc..

13:00-15:00 Training. Bob Davis. Padwork drills, sensitivity drills

15:30 Hot and cold drinks then close

Bob Davis
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Not sure how we are going to find time to fit in the training but, hey ho :-) Soft drinks will be provided and tea, coffee and water are available at all times. Chances are there will be beer (I'd take that as a given :-) ) BUT this will be on a "bring your own" basis (the budget will only stretch so far and this IS a charity fund raiser).

Menu for the Charity Camp

Friday evening supper: Chilli (vegetarian) with Rice, Cheesy Natchos or Jacket potato, Cheese and Beans Trifle or Black Forest Gateaux

Saturday: Breakfast: Cereals, Toast, Jam, Marmalade, Juice, Tea or Coffee. Elevenses: Muffins, Cookies, Pastries, Bread Pudding, Tea or Coffee. Lunch: Savoury Pastries, Cheesy Potato Skins, Cheese & Crackers, a selection of Stella's home made cakes, Tea or Coffee. Supper: Chana Masala, Rice, Samosa & Onion Bhaji or Pasta Bake with Garlic Bread. followed by Apple Pie & Custard or Pavlova.

Sunday: Breakfast: Cereals, Toast, Jam, Marmalade, Juice, Tea or Coffee. Lunch: Pizza, Coleslaw, Pasta Salad Cakes 

Bob Davis
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Due to a late drop out I now have 2 spaces left for the camp. £80 for the weekend of just £40 for the Saturday. I'll be posting this in a variety of places on a first come first served basis. Let me know if you want one (or both) croxleykarate@virginmedia.com Thanks Bob D.