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Iain Abernethy
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Suggestions for the fifth anniversary of the podcasts?

Hi All,

This October will be the fifth anniversary of the podcasts, I’d quite like to do something a little special for that one, but I’ve no idea what! Do you have any ideas what would be a good theme for that one? Is there anything you’d particularly like me to cover? It is the five year mark, so we can push the boat out and hence any I’m OK with “big suggestions”. Your help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks also for supporting the podcasts! Amazing to think we’ve done 5 years worth!

All the best,


PS August Podcast should be out later today.

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Personally I love your "contencious" podcasts, the ones where you're arguing a posiiton that is diaposing to traditional dogma. As I tend to agree with most of the principles behind what you teach I find it gives me a quiet sense of superiority and an unjustfied aura of smugness- especially if I am listening to the Podcast in a public place.

...as a suggestion.. how about doing a podcast on your hypothesis about Itsosu's Sho versions of kata..


Tom Runge

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I'm in line with Th0mas and I would also really love a podcast on the Sho versions ...!

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By the way, another topic I find of interest are the Ji-on -in -tte katas. There is very few to be found on the origins of these katas, on how they are linked together and on what they really mean;

Is Jitte really a "bo" kata ? Why do we have these 3 katas, do each one of them cover different aspects of fighting or is there a progressions (like in the Heian) or anything else ?

Jitte is also often referred as Jutte ... why ? What does this mean ?

I feel there is really a big shadow of mistery surrounding these katas ... would really be interesting !

Michael Stolberg
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I have a few suggestions that could be combined into one or not.

Firstly a video podcast.

Secondly a challenge for Iain cheeky, to take a kata outside of the Wado style and to walk us through on how he would decode the kata's application (obviously a Shotokan kata would be my first choice as it is the style I practice). e.g. kanku sho, unsu, gojushiho sho. I would like to see the tought process and methodology Iain uses, thoroughly expanding on the principles of understanding the kata bunkai and applying them as Iain elucidates the bunaki of a given kata. I don't mean to do the entire kata. Maybe 3 sets of sequences.

For the above request I think a video podcast would be best as Iain himself always says that it is hard to explain  such things simply in words.

Maybe this idea can be linked with the idea of looking at the "sho" versions.

Have a "dai" - "sho" comparison.

Taking bassai dai, bassai sho and kanku dai, kanku sho. Looking at their historical backgrounds, their similarities and differences and how they each deal with similar situations in different ways.

Hopefuly this brainstorm can generate more ideas.


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All three suggestions please Iain... smiley

Iain Abernethy
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All great ideas! I may well use all of those whether for the 5th anniversary or not.

Michael Stolberg wrote:
Firstly a video podcast.

Now that’s a great idea! This had been suggested to me before, but I put it on the back burner on the grounds that it would be too labour intensive for me to do on a regular basis … however as a one off for the 5th anniversary I think we could put a 30 min “TV show” together!

So let’s open that up, if we were to do a 30 min show what would people like to see in addition to the above?

I’m initially thinking we may do a regular podcast to tie in with video podcast i.e. the audio on the background and theory of the topic, the video showing it put into practise?

All the best,


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I suggest Iain gets totally bladdered, drops his usual polite, pleasant and diplomatic demeanor and tells us what he REALLY thinks about karateka that propogate bad bunkai. :)

Iain Abernethy
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PASmith wrote:
I suggest Iain gets totally bladdered, drops his usual polite, pleasant and diplomatic demeanor and tells us what he REALLY thinks about karateka that propogate bad bunkai. :)

Would that be any different to the Occam's Razor podcast? I could do that one again with slurred speech? wink

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What about something for the as-yet unconverted? For the dojo-sparrers and line-trainers whose eyes haven't been opened to the true potential of the art they've been studying all these years?

Most of the people on this site have had that "diamond bullet " moment when they turned from dancing in pyjamas to effective, applied karate (or whatever art you study...that's the real essence of what's going on here IMO) and I'd love to be able to give others that opportunity

. Maybe a podcast we can direct our friends and training partners to, explaining and demonstrating what the hell it is we've been banging on about, could be useful.

Other ideas are very interesting, though. Maybe just the one video podcast isn't enough!

Black Tiger
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I'd love to see how Niseishi (Nijushiho) translates into Bunkai, a lot of emphasis regards bunkai always stems towards the lower grade kata, but Dan Grade Kata always seem to go on the back burner



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Love the idea of a video podcast for the 5th anniversary, and would love it to have something "different"... something from Gojushiho or Nijushiho as suggested above would both be really cool for instance.

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Th0mas wrote:
Personally I love your "contencious" podcasts,

More Podcasts like this, yes. But not the 5th anniversary. That warrants something more.

As an aside, as someone that teaches pressure point use I found the Pressure Points Podcast one of the best. Needless to say, I largely disagree with Iain. However, it was a great Podcast that I felt was, to some at least, contentious.

Jon Lean
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I'd love to hear Iain's insights on his experience, i.e recommended approach, benefits, pitfalls etc. etc. of crosstraining in different MAs, both from the SD perspective and more general enjoyment perspective.