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Styles: Are They Killing Karate?

In this latest podcast we discuss karate styles! Whilst the styles handed down to us are of great value, in this podcast I suggest that if too much emphasis is placed on “style” it can be extremely harmful to karate and its combative efficiency. The podcast begins by looking at what some of the past masters had to say about the notion of style, and then moves on to examine the history of the more commonly practised karate styles.

Having covered the history of the most widely practised styles, the podcast then discusses how those styles came into being through the Shuhari concept. We break down this important concept and look at how our moving away from it in recent times has been problematic for karate. We also look at how this has affected kata and the way kata are viewed and practised.

The podcast concludes by looking at both the positive and negative aspects of style and gives my own personal view on the way forward for karate as a whole.

We’ve now had a total of over 75,000 podcasts downloaded! Thanks to everyone for supporting them and for the kind words said about these podcast on i-tunes. I hope that you enjoy this latest podcast and I’ll be back with more soon!

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Styles: Are They Killing Karate?
Iain Abernethy