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Street-Fighting? (podcast)

In this podcast we look at Street Fighting! In particular, I explore what the term actually means, the connotations it can have, and the confusion and dangerous thinking that can result. The podcast looks at the vital differences between “street fighting” and “self-protection” and explores the why fighting skills are not what is needed to deal with criminal violence.

The podcast highlights and explores the key three problems with “street fighting”, why neither you nor the criminal wants a fight, vital legal considerations, and why most martial artists as blind to what truly works when things get physical.

We also have the usual quick round up of news and some new theme music! Thank you for your support of these podcasts, and in particular a huge thanks to all of you who keep telling your friends and training partners about them! There would be no podcasts without your support!

I hope you enjoy this latest offering and I’ll be back with more soon!

All the best,


PS The download link for this podcast is found below.

Iain Abernethy