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Iain Abernethy
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Spam lookalikes need not apply!

One of the problems of the success of this forum (I like good problems :-) is that the spam bots are desperate to get in here! As you know, all memberships are approved by me. It would help greatly in the sometimes time-consuming “spam / not spam” process if all potential members would avoid looking like spam. I have a zero-tolerance “delete unapproved profile, ask questions later” approach to this task :-)

If your user name looks like a random combination of numbers and letters – which it shouldn’t: see rule 1 of the forum – then it won’t get approved. Failing to put in any details is also likely to get a profile deleted. If you look like spam, I’m assuming you are.

If you applied for membership before the date of this post, and have not had it approved, then you know what has most likely happened.

Thanks for understanding why I need to do this and for ensuring this forum remains safe from the worst the internet has to offer.

All the best,