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Some Karate Gripping (video)

This is footage from a recent dojo session where we were working on gripping. The clip starts well into the session and does not cover the methods we were drilling up to this point. I also make reference to the bunkai of Naihanchi (Tekki) and Seishan (Hangetsu) which the higher grades had also been working on earlier that day. This “snapshot” video is therefore incomplete and should not be seen as being instructional in nature.

The students worked a variety of gripping methods in the full session. First, they drilled the methods with compliance, and then with increasing resistance. We also looked at alternate finishes depending on the context i.e. self-defence (non-consensual violence), fighting (consensual violence) and Martial Arts (information, enjoyment, fun, culture, etc).

I hope you find the video of interest.

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PS The YouTube link is HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Some Karate Gripping