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Shotokan based schools
All, I discovered from this and other Forums about 2 styles I'd not heard of before, Now I wonder what their ethics and ethos is as looking a at their Kata list it seems that they have a massive amount of Kata there We have Asai Ryu Karate - details of the Founder etc Tetsuhiko Asai Sensei (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetsuhiko_Asai) and Gosoku Ryu - details of Ryu & founder (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gosoku-ryu) What are your thoughts Does anyone know if the 2 Karateka have met and trained together and why are their Karate so different to Shotokan Karate but still the same. In the findings of this one can also include Kyokushin as a Shotokan based Ryu and Go Kan Ryu but more extreme!?!
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the first thing people should realize is, that there is no unique and homogeneously style of Shotokan. The Karate of Shotokan masters like Asai, Kase, Kanazawa, Harada, Nishiyama etc. are quite differently when you look closer.

Asai for excample studied a lot of chinese martial arts when he was in Taiwan and came up with a pretty unique way of moving the body for power creation. Kanazawa also incorporated Tai Chi elements into his Karate. Nishiyama was influenced by his kendo training and Harada even oriented on western sports to create his special way of teaching. They all split up from the original JKA except Harada he was never a part of it. And thats it.

The reason for Asai to create this vast amount of Kata was simply to teach his unique way of moving. Take a look at Andre Bertel and how he is moving and you get the idea.

Don't know much about Tak Kubota, just him being the inventor of the Kubotan.

Regards Holger

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Gosoku Ryu mostly follows traditional Shotokan for forms, and has an emphis on Self Defense style Kumite.

Kubota Soke also is a small part movie actor.  I think the best role is in The Hunted.

He was in the movie Rising Sun, he portrayed a Yakuza, with Fumio Demura, and Tadashi Yamashita. Having trained with Demura Sensei, and having met Kubota and Yamashita, I could not get into the scene where Wesly Snipes and Sean Connery beat those 3 in a fight.

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Hi everyone,

for those who are interested I read an interview with Kubota in Karate Masters Vol. 1 from Jose Fraguas.

I really can recommend those books by Fraguas. Lots of great information.


Dale in the same book are interviews with both of the Mabuni brothers. Just in case you didn't read it already.

Regards Holger

Dale Parker
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Yes I've read it.

And I know Jose.

Here is my claim to fame, I'm on the left, Jose in the middle, Hanshi Miki on the right.

We were visiting Jose in Los Angeless for an interview and photoshoot, I was on the cover of the magazine with Hanshi Miki that Jose was producing at the time, Masters of Karate. This was in September 1999.  The magazine didnt come out until almost 2 years later.  Magazine issue was June 2001.

Jose interviewed Soke Mabuni in January of 2000.

My claim to fame is being on the magazine cover with Hanshi Miki kicking me in the face.