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Sgt Rory Miller UK Seminars in May!

Message from Mick Franklin

Hi Everyone,

I can now confirm that Sgt Rory Miller, author of Meditations On Violence, will be visiting the UK on the 16th of May until the 23rd of May.

The courses will be De-escalation and Introduction To Violence.  


Dates: 17th (De-escalation), 18th (Introduction To Violence) and 19th of May (De-escalation ...again, due to demand)

Cost: £50 for De-escalation (1 day), £50 for Introduction To Violence (1 day)

Contact: mick.franklin@hotmail.com


Dates: 20th of May 

Courses: a shortened Introduction To Violence  (4.5 hrs) and then De-escalation  (3 hours)

Cost:  £35 per course or £60 for both

Contact: Andi Kidd at: andi.kidd@stfc.ac.uk or 07818417181


Dates: 21st and 22nd of May, 6 to 9pm 

Cost: £30 per evening. 

Please note that due to time constraints the content of these 2 evenings are an abridged version of the full 8 hour module 

Contact: Garry at: garry@academyofselfdefence.co.uk or 07738 909 125

I believe these courses will fill up quickly, so if this is something you want to do then please contact the hosts soon and purchase your place.

If you have any questions or anything I can help with just let me know.

Many thanks,

Mick Franklin

De-escalation Course with Sgt Rory Miller

This course really is one of a kind. Rather than just being an "aggression management" course you will learn the source of all conflicts and more importantly what to do about them. The skills you will learn are not just useful for preventing violent attacks, but will also greatly benefit the way you interact with people in all situations, including at work and in your personal relationships. 

When: May 17 to 22 at various locations

Where: Edinburgh, Swindon and Sheffield

Contact: mick.franklin@hotmail.com for Edinburgh courses

andi.kidd@stfc.ac.uk for Swindon courses

garry@academyofselfdefence.co.uk for Sheffield courses

Visit: www.chirontraining.com for more info on Sergeant Rory Miller

Before you can de-escalate someone else, you must de-escalate yourself. 

We give you the means to do that.

Before you can apply other training you must have emotional control.

We'll show you how

Before you can find the 'best answer' for a situation, you have to know what's happening

We'll teach you the key points to look for in conflict

This program doesn't replace any previous training.

It makes it work better.

But more than all of that, this program is about improving communication and strategies to reduce and better deal with conflict. Other programs teach tactics. This program teaches WHY conflicts happen and how they manifest in different circumstances. We also teach about the irrational, emotional 'monkey brain agenda' issues that -- until they are addressed -- the conflict will NOT be resolved. INTRODUCTION TO VIOLENCE

Sometimes lovingly referred to as

Ambushes and Thugs

Is the introductory seminar for Martial Artists who want to learn about violence.  It covers at least:

•The Seven Aspects of Self-Defense

•Force Law

•Efficient Movement

•Fighting to the Goal

•Counter Ambush

•Violence Dynamics

No seminar is exactly the same.  Under efficient movements, some groups will need work on Power Generation, Infighting, Groundfighting, or basic building blocks, like strikes, locks or take-downs.  Many groups get to blindfolded infighting; a few get an introduction to environmental fighting.  Much depends on how safely and quickly the students pick up the concepts.

It’s usually presented as a class for Martial Artists, but it requires no experience with martial arts or fighting and has proven useful for Law Enforcement professionals, citizens interested in Self-Defense and even writers.

Iain Abernethy
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