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Self Sovereignty With Geoff Thompson (Sept 12 to Feb 13)

Self Sovereignty With Geoff Thompson (Sept 12 to Feb 13)


A six month study and practice in the development of self sovereignty

Held at Coombe Abbey Hotel, Coventry

Join this bespoke 6 month course (one day a month for 6 months)

“Geoff Thompson’s teaching has altered my life beyond belief! It has given me massive courage to make the changes that have improved my life 100 %, in my business, in my relationships, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Geoff has given me the courage to also handle some of the most challenging times in my life! I would recommend Geoff to absolutely everyone. A truly amazing, inspiring and fantastic course.” - John Simson

The course will be a combination of transformative conversation and practical exercise.

The Course Contents

The course trajectory will take us through six major themes, in brief these are:

Month 1: No Growth in Comfort – developing the warrior mentality.
Here we will explore the concept of ‘high altitude’ living. When we deliberately work on and in difficult areas (where the physical, psychological, economical air is thin) we surge ahead of our peers, who are looking for growth in comfort. We will practice techniques in ‘perception change’ so that discomfort can be transformed into positive energy, and fear transformed into manageable anticipation.

Month 2: Two Queues.
In life (and after death) there are two queues of people, and the longest queue is always filled with ‘excuse makers.’ People only make excuses because they are afraid. Often they are not consciously aware that they are afraid, so they continue to make excuses. Most of our personal power is trapped just behind these excuses or fears; ignorance of them stops us from realising our vast potential. The cause of these fears is hidden from us by our own psychological Defence Mechanisms. Often, simply exposing the Defence Mechanisms to the conscious mind is enough to dissolve our fears at their root, and offer us access to our fullest potential of power.

Month 3: Educating ‘The Second Self’.
We have access to vast arrays of universal energy (and that energy is ripe for conversion into wealth) but it often has to be filtered through our very narrow, often misaligned, sometimes blocked and/or discoloured filter (the Internal Parent, or Second Self). The Internal Parent is constructed from the limiting beliefs we learned as children. Here we will explore ways of expanding our reality (in order to harvest more potential) by dissolving old beliefs and re-educating the second self.

Month 4: Logos.
Without the infinite power of logos (true purpose) we will always be limited, in ourselves, in our relationships and in our business. By seeking out and connecting to our true purpose, we open ourselves to vast amounts of hidden energy. With simple techniques in physical, psychological and spiritual realignment, we can all be connected (or reconnected) to Logos.

Month 5: The Virtuous Pipeline.
Ancient Hermetic, Mosaic and Islamic texts inform us that we are all born with access to an infinite block of pure energy, but that energy is volatile, inclined towards chaos and without exact form: it needs a powerful infrastructure (or a conduit) to control it and bring it into physical reality. This ‘infrastructure’ (or pipeline) is built from high end morals, ethics and virtues. In month 5 we will explore how our greatest potential (the true secret to health, wealth and happiness) is hidden in plain sight, and we will look at techniques in building a Virtuous Pipeline, and the dangers of bringing energy through a pipeline that is fractured or weak.

Month 6: The Wyrd (The Law of Reciprocation).
What we do with out vast amounts of energy (once accessed) is of vital importance; seeds rightly planted bring back a healthy and abundant harvest, wrongly planted seeds can and do bring back massive disorder. This is a law on which science and ancient religion concur. It is all powerful, and it holds the secret to perpetual motion. It is known interchangeably as ‘The Wyrd’, Cause and Affect, Karma, or The Law of Reciprocation. Understanding this law (how to use it, when to use it, why to use it) puts us in charge of our own destiny.

Of course, these are just a few of the many teachings and techniques we will be exploring throughout the six months.

“Geoff Thompson’s course was pivotal in enabling me to face and defeat cancer. His teaching is deeper than you think it might be, and further reaching that anyone expects. It is transformative. Real life teaching from the sharp edge. It was so amazing I took the course twice. It changed me on a cellular level. It is and has been one of the most life enhancing experiences I have ever had” - Jahanzeb Abdur Rahman

Book Now – 024 76 431 101

Call Now 024 76 431 101

Location: Coombe Abbey Hotel and Park, Coventry, West Midlands.

Dates: September 12th – October 10th – November 14th – December 12th – January 9th – February 13th.

Times: 9:30am – 4:30pm

Added Benefits:

Meals and drinks will be provided throughout the day: Danish pastries served in the morning, lunch at midday, cake and tea/coffee in the afternoon.

Special guest appearances

Open and unlimited access to Geoff, pre-course, mid-course and post course to assist with integrating what you have learned into your life.

Price: £4000 (+vat), inclusive of course materials, meals and refreshments.

“I am still processing all the information you gave us. It was both disarmingly natural and breathtakingly elevated. The blend of practical and metaphysical you imparted is unique. There were moments where you offered us insights which opened doors I never knew existed. I wanted to offer my sincerest and warmest thanks for everything you gave us.” - Seb G

Call Now 024 76 431 101

If you have any concerns or just want to talk about the course, give us a call 024 76 431 101 or visit http://www.geoffthompson.com/contact.asp