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Self Sovereignty Course with Geoff Thompson

Self Sovereignty with Geoff Thompson

Book your place now:  http://www.selfsovereignty.co.uk/

Phone 02476 431 101 or email sales@geoffthompson.com

Are you aware of your limitless potential for personal growth?

Many people are exhilarated by it, but at the same time they are awed into immobility by what they imagine they can become.

Do you want to turn awe into inspiration, and immobility into massive action?

Geoff Thompson’s Self Sovereignty Course is designed specifically for you.

Geoff Thompson has lived the life of legend. He has authored 40 books published in 21 languages, is a BAFTA award-winning  screenwriter, acclaimed playwright and novelist, and has appeared and been featured in many national magazines and broadsheets including The Times. He is also a world renowned martial artist, holding the rank of 8th Dan in Japanese karate and was polled by Black Belt Magazine as “the most influential martial artist in the world since Bruce Lee.” Geoff has worked privately for forty years inspiring and advising business entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and people from every conceivable walk of life.

“Geoff Thompson’s teaching was a pivotal event in my life. It made me a better, stronger, and more generous person. I make a point of learning from the very best, that’s why I made the 3500 mile trip from Dubai and back twelve times in total to learn from Geoff. It was worth every single penny I invested and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to better themselves. Just being in the same room as Geoff makes you want to be a better more courageous person.” - Wael Al-Sayegh

Geoff Thompson’s courses are exclusive, intimate and highly sought after. He presents life changing concepts and insights created from 40 years of hard living, prolific output and high end success. Using his highly developed imagination, honed intuition and raw courage he has transported himself from a bedsit in industrial Coventry, to the world stage in martial arts and onwards to the BAFTA’s, and the Sunday Times Best Sellers list. Bringing together a life time of empirical knowledge, Geoff has initiated a small group course for dedicated seekers. The first instalment, in September 2012 will be held at the breath-taking Coombe Abbey Hotel, nestled in 500 acres of England’s woodland in the historic heartland of Warwickshire.

"Geoff Thompson is up there with the likes of Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn or Zig Ziglar. Incredible!" Ivan Rolls

Geoff has discovered that immersion is the best way to experience personal transformation. By joining his sovereignty course you can find out how to access your fullest potential. Geoff will not only show you how to achieve success but, how to make that success sustainable. Once fully understood and mastered, this one lesson alone will open participants up to limitless growth, bring autonomy over past experiences, present challenges and future fortunes. If you want to expand your business, explore your vast potential and find purpose, this course will be pivotal.

"Geoff Thompson changes your perception of the world." Richard Yeomans

"Jaw dropping enlightenment. A life changing experience." Warner Stephens

"The most important single investment I have ever made." Julie Jenkins

"A comprehensive experience from a legend of a man." -Alan Macdonald

3 places on the course are already taken and we haven’t advertised yet. Space is extremely limited, so if you want to experience this life changing event, now is the time to apply.

For more details on the course click here, call 02476 431 101 or email Geoff directly on geoff@geoffthompson.com

We look forward to seeing you there.

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